About Us

Remember the carefree days of childhood when you could play outside in the snow all day, then curl up with some hot chocolate, snacks and a board game? We want to bring those cozy home feelings back into adulthood... a nostalgic calm. We create pieces of art that become the focal point of a room, but can also be swept around your shoulders for a heart warming afternoon of reading by an open window. With our plush textures and quality fabrics, not only will our quilts improve your quiet comforts, they may one day be passed down to your loved ones.

Quilts become heirlooms out of love.

Quilts carry within them a connection to the past. When they are handed down, the memories hold the magic.

The quilt is the comforting reminder.

It tells your story.

 Owner of Charlie Bear Quilts in front of a throw quilt

I am Karlyn Leslie, sole-proprietor of Charlie Bear quilts. I live with my husband and two dogs on a little property on the Manitoba prairies. This company is my baby. I have poured all my love into making this brand synonymous with beautiful details and quality. As a creative, I am committed to making heirloom quilts that will bring joy and comfort in this fast-paced world.