Wellness by Nathan Hill

Okaaayyyy..... so this is the kind of novel that prompts profound (you won't truly grasp the depth of it until you reach the ALLEY SCENE at the end...) contemplation about life and the perpetual reshaping of the elusive concept of "happiness." I was not expecting to burst into tears, yet here we are... writing a review of this WALLOP of a novel (it ain't short...) The driving force behind my voracious reading of Wellness was Judy Blume's love for it. (Legend)

You know when you're reading a novel, and you find yourself thinking, "What am I reading?" Yet, there's this strange, captivating pull—you're compelled to uncover the meaning of it all... Then, as the story concludes, you experience a surge of connection to every real-life moment the characters endured, leading them to a place UNIVERSALLY RELATABLE for every human being?? Yah, that's the journey I just went though with "Wellness" by Nathan Hill. It's a satirical portrayal set in 1990s Chicago, delving into the marriage of Jack and Elizabeth—a contemporary couple navigating the complexities of enduring love, health fixations, and the ongoing quest for well-being (and what that even means...)

Hill's narrative spans two decades but expertly weaves between past and present, exploring how discarded identities of our past actually shape who we are today. Jack is a photographer whose creativity comes curiously from the chemicals in his darkroom, rather than his camera and Elizabeth is a scientist obsessed with research and the placebo effect when it comes to love. This is the heart of the narrative. Love in all its messy forms.

Hill explores the depths of human experience, shining a light on the intricacies of connection and the madness of manipulation in a rapidly evolving world. 

"Wellness" is a profound reflection on the human condition. Hill's narrative will have you contemplating your own journey. It's a special one. Highly recommend.

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