The Better Tree Fort PICTURE BOOK by Jessica Scott Kerrin

Russell and his optimistic father build a tree fort together. It takes TIME, persistence and major blueprint modifications (dad’s lack of know-how means the slide, balcony and skylight need to go)… but it’s perfect in Russell’s eyes. Things take a turn when Russell spots a construction crew working three doors down… on a tree fort outfitted with turrets and electricity! Russell learns an important lesson about what really matters in life. (An increasingly important lesson in this materialistic world). 

I think it’s the combination of sweet watercolour + ink illustrations and the heart-felt message that makes this one of my favourite picture books of all time. Even the most stoic parents won’t be able to read the last page without feeling their heart explode:

“There will always be a better tree fort.”


“But not a better dad.”


{bring in the Kleenex}

Do you see why I want you to add this to your story time rotation?

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