What is an Heirloom Quilt Anyway?

You know when you look back at old photographs, and notice those nostalgic items 
in the background-
the ones that instantly bring you back to a sweet memory 
or a warm feeling…
This is the essence of an heirloom.

That special quilt is more than just an item… it’s memories and love all rolled up into the patchwork that was passed down to you. 

CBQ's mission is to create heirlooms that are pieces of art;

the focal point of a room, 

but also the comfort that can be swept around your shoulders for an afternoon of reading. 

I want to create happiness through quilting, a gift of solace in an overwhelming world. Our luxe cuddle backings are downy soft to the touch and offer a sense of peace for quiet mornings or cozy nights by the fire. 

Drawn to the pinks and creams of my childhood bedroom, I yearn for cozy quilts with cabin vibes and charming patterns you see mirrored in nature. The Charlie Bear aesthetic is a "nostalgic calm”... ditsy florals and whimsical prints of a simpler time. These things bring me peace and I hope they do the same for you.

I think it's true that we crave the little things we loved growing up that made us feel safe and loved… things we weren’t even aware of that imprinted on our hearts.

faded wallpaper behind rattan shelves
repeating patterns found in the linoleum of your childhood kitchen
the tall blue spruce outside your bedroom window
floral scroll patterns on brass light switch covers
high backed chairs around the polished oak table
chenille bedspreads and matching curtains
the unicorn collection displayed on your window sill
hanging lamps and their warm yellow glow

These things have a whole new meaning to me in adulthood. I am learning how much my adult self resonates with my 8-year-old self and I want to lean into that. Bring on the unicorns.

Why Invest in a Charlie Bear Quilt?

* OEKO-TEX certified fabrics made in environmentally safe & socially responsible production facilities

* fabrics are made with eco friendly dyes safe for baby's skin with a superior thread count

* our quilts stand up to washing and use so they may one day be passed down

* precise, industrial stitching = heirloom quality

* 100% pure natural cotton batting (inside the quilt): no scrim, resin or chemicals

* durable machine binding with reinforced corners

* we personalize your heirloom

See the fine details in this diagram.




In contrast, the retail world is a cut-throat business of sourcing the cheapest products for the greatest profits.

Two new reports find detectable levels of the toxic “forever chemicals” known as PFAS in consumer textile products like bedding, tablecloths and sportswear. PFAS are a large family of thousands of fluorinated chemicals, some of which have been linked to a higher risk of cancer,reproductive harmimmune system damage and other serious health problems.”


These PFAS are not currently regulated or restricted in Canada, according to a report by the Canadian Environmental Law Association”.


So, why invest in a Charlie Bear heirloom?

Bottom line? Hand. Made. 

You will not find anything like CBQ in a shopping mall or box store. 


In this world of mass production, endorse handcrafted heirlooms that will add a touch of nostalgic calm to the spaces in your home. And let this be the piece of family history that will one day be passed down as a symbol of love.



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  • Sally

    You just continue to amaze me! As the truly thankful owner of some of your beautiful handmade heirlooms, I happily wait to see what you will do next. Brava!

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