We are offering a NEW SERVICE!

What is the most anticipated service..... the NUMBER ONE inquiry we receive here at CBQ??


Here is a throw size quilt we did last year for sweet Nerjes. It's a nostalgic blend of corduroy dresses, sleepers and her favourite t-shirts. We even included her rainbow leggings!

I am very excited to announce we will now be offering this service once we reopen our customs list (likely in February- make sure you have subscribed to our email list so you don't miss it!)

I have chosen to offer 4 design styles for memory quilts to better help you plan the clothing items you would like to include. I have created patterns that will work best to feature the pieces you cherish the most. All of the pattern options are throw size, perfect for folding up at the end of the bed or the back of a couch. If you have been saving your child's baby clothes, and aren't quite sure what you want to do with them- now is the time to create a cozy quilt to preserve those precious childhood memories, especially if your child is leaving home for the first time, to live abroad or continue their education. A memory quilt is a comforting reminder of home. They also make the best graduation gift:)

In true Charlie Bear style, the finishing touches include a snuggly backing and the quilting design of your choice to make sure your one-of-a-kind piece of family history may one day be passed down.

Here are the options at a glance, along with the minimum number of clothing items necessary to complete the pattern. 

Presenting... The Tribute Series (3 styles depending on the size and number of clothing items)

Tribute 1 Quilt (16) clothing items required   *works for larger items of clothing, such as youth, teen and adult t-shirts

Tribute 2 Quilt (40) clothing items required 

Tribute 3 Quilt (64) clothing items required

Nostalgia Quilt (25-50) clothing items required

Keepsake Quilt (42-84) clothing items required {each heart can be made with fabric from two different clothing items}.

Memento Quilt (31+) clothing items required {more clothing items can be included to give the quilt a "scrappier" look}.

For more information on specific sizing, price and tips on selecting clothing items, subscribe to our email list.

Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for updates!

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