The Love Yourself First Quilt

The Love Yourself First quilt is about the importance of self-love. This quilt is a tribute to being your own biggest fan! The kindness we show others is something we don't always extend to ourselves. Time to scrap negative self-talk and acknowledge the messy-but-necessary steps that keep us moving forward. It should be celebrated! I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but isn't celebration the most fun when it involves quilting?!! At the end of all that therapeutic sewing you will have a quilty reminder that the relationship you have with yourself affects all the others. Get the pattern here for 15% OFF until July 6th: Love Yourself First Quilt. Love others, but you must love yourself first.

This quilt is made up of (1) gradient block that fades from light to dark. To achieve the look of the cover quilt you see above, you will need an assortment of light prints (low volume creams), medium prints (pinks) and dark prints (maroons and browns). You will be making (4) blocks at a time, working through 3 stages to create (4) Love Yourself First Blocks.

Stage 1: The Heart Units


Stage 2: Flying Geese Units

Each block requires (1) Large Flying Geese Unit, and (2) Smaller Units. The pattern uses the 4 at a time method, so it is recommended that you complete (4) blocks at a time for (4) identical blocks.

Stage 3: HST

Using the 8 at a time method, you will be constructing 3 groups of HST. Each LYF block requires (2) HST from each group. Since you are making (4) blocks at a time, you will use up all your HST units to complete your set of (4).

Now, put it all together!

Finish your set of (4), then start again from the beginning to make your next (4) blocks.

Quilt Top Assembly

Mix up all your blocks and sew together in rows, pressing seams open. 

The pattern features colouring pages so you can get creative and make your own version of Love Yourself First in any palette you desire.

The Cover Quilt

Cover Quilt Details:

For the quilt top, I used a bundle from Thread Count Fabrics because it had 3 distinct colour groups. I added prints from my own stash for more variety (plus, the twin size pattern requires more than a 1/2 yard of each fabric). It's nice to use a curated bundle and build out from there. A bundle that catches your eye will provide a nice starting point.

List of available fabrics in this bundle:

Forest Forage Honeycomb- Cognac

Get Out and Explore- Three Dots Camelot

Summer Folk- Amethyst

Sprout Wovens- Marsala

Petal Song- Fireflies Blush

Foresta Fusion- Stay Humble Foresta

Sprout Wovens- Wild Rose

Mix the Volume- Harmonious Fresh

Gathering in the Garden- Tulips Golden Hour

Summer Folk- Little Florets Earth

*There are some prints that have been discontinued, like the blossom print in cider by Riley Blake Designs.

For the hearts, I used Raw Gold from Art Gallery's Pure Solids.

The backing of the quilt is Rosewater in Minky Solid Cuddle from Shannon Fabrics.

Quilting: Be Mine by Urban Elementz pantograph 9.5" pattern. I like the way the floral hearts are a nod to the theme of the quilt.

The Glamour Shots;)

I took my twin sized Love Yourself First Quilt up to Riding Mountain National Park to stay at Black Pine Lodge with Bower Bird Stays. It's such a picturesque and private location with views of a creek and forested hills. Featuring 4 bedrooms and a large dining area, there are so many spaces to enjoy.

The Scrappy Version

To make a scrappy Love Yourself First Quilt, you simply need to replace the flying geese units with HST. I am using the Feels Like Home Collection by Amber Johnson of Riley Blake Designs.

Using the 2 at a time HST method, you will start with (2) squares (see chart below for sizes).

Draw a diagonal line from corner to corner on the back of the lighter-coloured square.

Place RST and sew a ¼" on both sides of the drawn line. 

Cut along the drawn line.

Press seams open and trim to 5 1/2" x 5 1/2" for Large HST and 3" x 3" for Small HST.

When squaring up your HST, be sure to line the 45 degree line up with the diagonal seam.

Cutting Chart for Scrappy Version

Optional Diamond Instructions

If you would like to add in another scrappy element to your Love Yourself First Quilt, consider adding the diamonds to your background squares. It's a great way to use up some of those 2" squares you have piling up...


Scrappy Love Yourself First 

In this version, I used a Sherpa in Cloud from Shannon Fabrics. It's super light, but amazingly soft. The quilting is Be Mine by Urban Elementz.

I would LOVE to see your version! Be sure to post a photo on social media and use the hashtag #loveyourselffirstquilt and #cbqpatterns in your description. Happy sewing!


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