The Little Things Quilt Pattern

 The Little Things Quilt is all about embracing life's simple pleasures. Like a good book on a rainy day at the cabin.

Hearts + Log Cabin = One Adorable Block

Combining whimsical hearts with traditional blocks is my favourite thing! And I love how the log cabin pattern looks soooo different depending on how you arrange the blocks. Simply turning a block in a set pattern gives you endless options. This is the fun part of quilting too, because you get to make it your own. It's like a Choose Your Own Adventure book:) Which option is your favourite?

Let's Make a Scrappy Ombre Version!

The nice thing about this pattern, is it works with a jelly roll too if you're in the mood for something scrappy. I chose the Willow Collection by 1 Canoe 2 because I liked the way it blended from pinks and yellows, to greens and aquas. 

I love the Spark collection by Ruby Star Society, so I went with Sorbet (pink) for the green and aqua blocks.


And the Shell metallic print for the pink and yellow blocks.

Saturated, happy colours are a splash of joy to remind you that The Little Things are spontaneous and unscripted.
For the quilt backing, I used a heavy luxe cuddle with frosty teal undertones.

I think if I were to make another scrappy version,  I would keep all the hearts the same in the lighter colour to help ground the busy prints. 

I just love how cheerful this one turned out!

I love it most of all when it's folded up, looking all cute and bright.


Let's Make a "Soft" Scrappy Version!

For this version, I used the Gayle Lorraine collection by Elizabeth Chappell of Art Gallery Fabrics. I love the soft prints wtih subtle pops of colour. 

I also chose to alternate the heart colours in this one!

These blocks are so addicting to make (I looooove the log cabin process), I wanted to keep trying this pattern with different fabrics!

I love using timeless prints like these, because their sophistication allow them to be loved at any age!

Let's Make a More Traditional Version!

The vintage floral treasures from Lisa Audit's newest collection, Countryside (Riley Blake Designs) are giving me rural Italian vibes. (Not that I've been there, but this is where my imagination takes me....) And what is it about plaids and gingham?? It's like the magic formula for c-o-z-y. This colour palette makes we want to take a nap with the window open. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine my love of plaids and florals!


"In every walk with nature, one receives far more than they seek." -John Muir
In this version, I decided to keep the log cabin blocks uniform by keeping the fabrics consistent. The blue block features a plaid and floral print, while the red block features a gingham and matching red floral print. These florals are sooooo gorgeous in person!
For the backing, I went with a luxe cuddle hide in golden to bring out the yellows and golds in the flowers.
The options are endless! 
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