The Heartist Apron is Born...

Get ready for the SWEETEST apron to ever grace your kitchen! CBQ is currently knee-deep in apron-making madness.... curating a mini collection to celebrate our upcoming pattern launch! (Yes, this will be our SECOND pattern for the sewing universe!) The launch date of this mini-drop will go out to our subscribers next week (so make sure you are signed up if you'd rather buy a handmade apron than go to the trouble of making your own). 

The Heartist Apron was designed to solve FIVE problems for you.

#1 If you are a maker and love buying fabric (join the club)... you probably purchased a panel somewhere along the line. You either fell in love with the words of wisdom, or beautiful artwork. And let's face it, this panel has been lingering around your sewing room for yonks. (It's obvious I used a thesaurus on this one, but I am a total sucker for British slang... so I will be adding this to my permanent vocabulary). The Heartist Apron is the perfect project for giving those inspirational panels a chance to be FEATURED and admired on an item you don everyday. It's practically magic. 

#2 Reduce laundry and permanent stains. Come on... who has time for more chores? It takes two seconds to throw on an apron and protect your favourite garments. Your clothes deserve better. 

#3 No more misplacing those clutch items.. like your glasses or cell phone. This marsupial-like apron contains ginormous pockets to store all your important documents.... or tissues. Once you have it on, you'll wonder how you ever cooked without it. 

#4 INCREASED EFFICIENCY. This is not even a joke. Studies show that putting on an apron triggers your brain to think "uniform" and you are whisked into a whirlwind of productive energy. It's crazy to think a simple apron can impact your mindset, yet here. we. are.

#5 Why not look cute while you: cook, paint, sew, sketch, garden, clean, craft, carve, etc. The list is endless. Aprons aren't just for cooking! The bib of this apron has been designed (with strategic tucks and pleats) to conform to your curves in a flattering way. You will have complete strangers saying, "Style AND function... how DOES she do it?"

So there you have it.... it's time to start a new tradition. And is there anything more nostalgic than an apron hanging in a kitchen? Create new memories while you honour your own. Wear an apron that will show up in photos at Christmas and special occasions. An apron that will be tied to the coziest family memories.

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