The Heartist Apron

Raise your hand if you only ever follow the diagrams of a pattern...

I am one of those people too. I fall back on the written instructions if necessary, but typically find the visual aspects of a pattern are all I need. This is why I try to make #CBQpatterns as detailed as possible. 

This blog post is designed to make sewing your Heartist Apron a snap, as each step is photographed for your convenience. The goal here is to make the pattern accessible to everyone:)

Once you have all your pieces cut and organized into Fabrics A, B, C, and D you are ready to start sewing! 

Heart Units

We will start by constructing the hearts. There will be (4) in all, (2) for the Bib and (2) for the pockets. Once your heart tops and bottoms (flying geese) are complete, they are easy to put together.

The Bib


Everything you do for the Bib Front, you will do for the Bib Lining.




*The pattern recommends a 1/2" pleat, but you can play around with this measurement. The bigger the pleat, the more accommodating it will be for the well- endowed;)


These pockets will change your life. 



Putting it All Together

Aaaaahhhh it's the moment you've been waiting for! To attach the bib to your skirt, you must use a zig zag stitch so you can do the Bend and Snap without popping a stitch. (Legally Blond reference)


Be sure to press stitches, then press open for a nice flat finish. 


*You will notice I pieced my lining together. If you follow the order in the cutting diagram, you won't have this problem;)


I like to go with a dark neck strap and ties because they will be the quickest to get dirty.


Now place the lining on top of the apron (RST). Take some extra time here to make sure everything lines up nicely and pin. If the apron front or lining aren't even with each other, you may do some trimming. It pays off when you turn the apron right side out because it will look more even and neat. Press.


WOO-HOOOO! All that is left to do it top stitch around the perimeter and you are DONE!


Take a step back and admire all your hard work.

You did it!

Now to decide if you're keeping it, or gifting it...

How good does she look hanging in your kitchen!


Scrappy Option

Once you have made your first Heartist Apron, you will likely want to make more! It's something everyone can use, so they make the perfect gift. Feel free to use up those scraps and mix it up!

Dashwood Studios: Wild

This collection is simply adorable- and totally made for this pattern! If you are able to find it (as it's an older fabric collection), the panels are slightly smaller than 16". I cut the panels to 13 1/2" x 13 1/2" square. Next, I cut 1 3/4" strips to border the panel. This brings it up to the required 16" x 16" square for the skirt centre.

Bookish by Sharon Holland of Art Gallery Fabrics

As an avid reader, OF COURSE I had to make a bookish version! Makes a great Galentine Gift!

Now, I'm not suggesting you walk around with hardcover books in your pockets, but I'm saying it's possible. You never know when you'll have that spare minute...

*Sometimes those prints you LOVE are very light and may not work for the apron-front. Save those faves for the apron lining!

There are just so many possibilities! Can't wait to see yours! #theheartistapron

Pattern available here: The Heartist Apron PDF

Karlyn Leslie, Charlie Bear Quilts

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