The New Light Quilt Pattern

New Light is herrrrrre! Get started on your own version today! Aaaaahhhh the beauty of PDFs. 

Get ready to fall head over heels for the cutest quilt pattern on the block! Just in time for Valentine's Day, this new light-hearted design will have you diving into those treasured scraps or cutting into that gorgeous bundle sitting on your shelf like an art installation. CBQ is all about nostalgic designs that bring you back to the good old days (when you didn't have a mortgage). 

Let It Bloom by Little Forest Atelier of Riley Blake Designs spoke right to my heart. I immediately started sketching out new quilt designs to showcase this charming collection. The floral prints are so "memory lane" for me- the carefree vibe takes me back to picking flowers around my childhood home (most of which were weeds, but I digress...) In these peaceful moments life was simple. As you already know (if you've been following my blog), this collection inspired the 8 year-old me to take the reins on all big decisions.... the first being "What should I use for a background?" Without hesitation, the answer was Apricot Blush Blossom (a coordinating basic from Riley Blake Designs). A bold choice from younger me, but I'm so thankful she went for it! Typically I like to go with a low volume, lighter background, so this was a real treat to step outside of my norm.

The New Light Quilt features curved pieces that make up whimsical flowers with dainty heart centers. The pattern offers the option of using templates or the Creative Grids Circle Savvy Ruler. Aside from curved piecing, the pattern incorporates half square triangles and an hour glass block in the centre. I like to complete the curved piecing first. The throw size New Light pattern showcases six different prints that make up the Flower Units.

Secondly, you will construct the Heart Center Units for the middle of the New Light Block. The hour glass unit uses an efficient technique to make the most precise blocks. Choose two contrasting fabrics so your hearts stand out.

The last step in a New Light Block, is creating the Leaf Units with HST. Using the 8-at-a-time HST method, it makes for quick work.

Now here we are at the most satisfying stage of the process... you've done all the careful work of squaring up and pressing each unit (it's okay to say you don't enjoy this part) BECAUSE IT'S TOTALLY WORTH IT when everything comes together! I love playing around with the blocks on my design wall to see which layout I like best.

I will forever be drawn to pink palettes! Just delicious.

Now, prepare yourself for adorability x 1000 (Is adorability a word??)

The quilting. Not only does it add that squishy dimension that completely transforms the quilt... the swirly hearts echo the playfulness of the quilt's design. I've used my tried and true pantograph, Smitten by Urban Elementz.

As quilters, I think we all have those at-the-sewing-machine-daydreams about the future life of the heirlooms we create. A source of comfort for the following generations. But right now, nothing beats the heartwarming feeling of wrapping our loved ones up in a cozy quilt.

Confession time. I have already admitted how enamoured I was with this collection... so this is why I had to make a second one!! This time 'round, I wanted to feature the sage and lilac prints. Lori Holt's coordinating print with delicate lavender cross stitches was a home run! (Hello AGAIN 8-year-old me... yes, I was an old soul who cross stitched in her free time...)

I'm loving the fresh feel of this colour palette! (Is anyone else getting Alice in Wonderland vibes??)

The Feminine Version

The beauty of this pattern, is it works with all your favourite florals. As a fan of Amy Sinibaldi (Art Gallery Fabrics), I have been saving my last cuts of her Dollhouse Collection for the perfect project. And this was it!

Hello soft pinks and greys. I'm practically drooling...

The Bohemian Version

So, your first order of business is to pick out florals that speak to your heart (preferably your 8-year-old heart). There's something about boho-inspired prints that make it feel extra cozy. I love Maureen Cracknell's Homebody collection (Art Gallery Fabrics). After you've cut all your pieces, take the time to mix everything up into sewing piles. This way you can throw on a movie or podcast and sew like the wind. 

Each pile should have (4) Flower Petals, (4) 2 1/2" squares, (16) 1" squares in a matching fabric that will make up the Flower Units mixed with (1) 7" square and (4) 3" squares that will make up the Leaf Units.

If you decide to use a directional background, be sure to cut half of your background rectangles for the Flower Units vertically and the other half horizontally as shown below:

Mix and match to your heart's content.

I decided to go with a coordinating print for the quilt's border on this one! It's not something I do often, but I felt I needed to ground the busy background a little. I chose one of the fabrics of the Heart Center Units to balance it out.

I can't wait to see your finished version of New Light! Get your pattern here: New Light Quilt #newlightquilt Please tag me @charliebearquilts so I can marvel too! Happy Sewing Everyone:)

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