Something a little different for CBQ!

I love free motion quilting. This is when I stand at the front of my longarm quilt machine and just “draw” with thread by moving the handle bars connected to the needle. It’s called free motion because I don’t follow a design, I make it up as I go along. I have heard this called “wild quilting” before, and I think that term suits the process perfectly. 

This Fractured Skull pattern was designed by Helen of And Sew I based out of London, UK. This is a foundation paper pieced pattern (FPP in the quilting world), meaning it comes together by sewing fabric to a printed paper foundation. It is a time consuming process, but creates patterns with very precise points and usually more detail. 

I had this skull made a couple years ago with all of the paper still left on the back of it (I wish I had thought to take a photo for you. Oops!) After I ripped all the paper off (I used a small stitch so the ripping of the paper wouldn’t pull apart the stitches in the fabric), I wanted to add a floral crown to soften it a little and give it more of a sugar skull vibe. I used a large floral print by world renowned designer Kaffe Fassett (he is known for his use of colour and large floral motifs).

Once I had the flowers where I wanted them, I ironed them down using an appliqué paper to keep them in place. The mini quilt was then loaded onto my longarm quilt machine. I decided to use a double layer of batting to give the piece more dimension. It also creates a stiffer end product, which is perfect for a wall hanging.

All that I have left to do now is to square it up, add a sleeve to the back for hanging and bind it! A project like this really inspires me because there is so much freedom in the way it is put together and quilted. It is incredibly satisfying to finally see it completed. Check out some of the free motion quilting I did on this project on instagram!




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