Presenting... the Unconditional Quilt Pattern

Hello Quilty Friends and fellow fabric enthusiasts! I'm back with another cozy heart project for you! I had the absolute pleasure of working with Amy Smart's newest collection, Albion. Soft, muted florals and traditional plaids team up to create the coziest vibe, making it the perfect choice for your next quilt. I naturally gravitate to pinks and navies- I think it's the most heavenly combination. For me it has the nostalgic air of a vintage camper...

Looking for a Fast Make?

The Unconditional Quilt comes together in a flash because of its big block construction. It works really well for those large scale prints you want to show off. During the making of this quilt, I discovered the magic of Beverly McCullough's blender collection, Dainty Daisy of Riley Blake Designs. LOVE! For the Unconditional Quilt, I went with Stargazer, but I also love the denim and navy options.

Quilt Sizes Included in Pattern

Lap Size: 40" x 60" (this size is perfect for the foot of a bed because it's long and narrow, so the drape-effect is a 10/10). 

Twin Size: 60" x 80" I also find this is a nice big throw size for the living room so you can have more than one snuggler. 

Queen Size: 80" x 100" Big blocks love being showy in a larger quilt. No need to paint that spare bedroom- all you need is a cheery quilt to freshen things up!

The Gift that Says "I Love You"

When designing this quilt, I was thinking about the generosity of quilters, and how meaningful it is to gift handmade. It made me think of those who are struggling through tough times, and how a quilt can be the comforting reminder they are loved.

Alternating Blocks Make Me Happy

As a creature of habit, I tend to obsess over the look of one block in alternating colourways with a bold print to anchor everything together. It's the simplest layout, but with such a stunning effect! Here I have used Sharon Holland's Shine On Collection from Art Gallery Fabrics. This feels like the kind of quilt you pull out for your bed every spring. My favourite print is the little jar of wildflowers. Makes me wish I had a cottage with shutters.

 As a lover of all things cozy, I had to use a solid minky backing on this one. I love how this backing showcases the textured butterflies- so velvety!


With a handy technique to get the most out of your fabric, off-cuts are used to make the cutest decorative pillows. 

Let's Make Some Matching Pillows

Step 1: Following the pillow cover diagram in the pattern, layout your HST with large background square in the middle. I quilted mine, but you can skip this step. If you plan on adding a lace trim, do this before you move on to Step 2. 

When you sew around the corners, make sure the lace is folded into a point so it lays flat.

Push this corner down as if folding a present. (You only want to stitch the corner down so it fans out nicely when you turn it right side out). This takes some practice!

Step 2: To create your envelope style backing, take your (2) 16" x 16" squares and fold one short edge under 1/2" and press. Repeat this step and fold edge under another 1/2" and press to give you a nice finished edge. Repeat with second backing piece.

Step 3: With RST, place (1) 15" x 16" backing piece on the left side of the pillow. Line up raw edges so the finished edge is running down the center of the pillow.

Step 4: With RST, place remaining 15" x 16" backing piece on the right side of the pillow. The rectangles will overlap in the middle. Pin in place and stitch 1/4" around the perimeter of the pillow to secure the backings.

Clip the corners to remove the bulk before you turn it right side out:

Step 5: Turn pillow cover right side out and press. Optional: Topstitch around the perimeter 1/4" from the pillow's edge. In this case, I decided to go without.


With the Queen Size version, you will have enough for (2) pillows. The Twin size version has enough for (1) pillow. For the Lap version, the off-cuts leave you (8) HST short, but you can easily make your own using the 2 at a time HST method. These pillow shams accommodate 16" x 24" pillow forms. What a fast and cute way to dress up a bed!

To make your own Unconditional Quilt, get the pattern here.

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