My FIRST Quilt Pattern Design

For a while now, I've been working tirelessly on the Quilt Pattern Writing Course with Elizabeth from Quilter's Candy. It hasn't been an easy journey -  but I stuck with it, and I'm feeling proud. Throughout the course, I learned how to use new software: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign (cue the steep learning curve), and I'm almost at the finish line with a published PDF pattern!!


Now that I've entered the world of Adobe Illustrator, I have come to realize how addictive it can be – it's so easy to lose track of time while tinkering with different design ideas. The plan for New Light came to me almost immediately during the course. Once I finalized the block layout, I transferred all diagrams to InDesign, where I documented the pattern instructions. Although the process was tedious, the satisfaction of seeing it come together overshadowed memories of all my technological sorrows.

On the 14th day of February, my first published quilt pattern shall be unveiled in all its splendour!! I hope it brings a joyful nostalgia to the world. At the start of the Quilt Pattern Writing Course, we had to create a mood board to represent our brand. When I completed mine, I had an epiphany. The kid-me comes out when I get creative. And I want that to shine through in all of my work. So, I'm letting my eight-year-old self call the shots in the creativity department. I'm bringing back that carefree soul who adored unicorns and donned rose coloured corduroy blouses. Does this all make sense when you see my mood board??

Quilting has always been a source of comfort for my soul. I want others to heal through the art of sewing as I have. For in the depths of despair, the act of MAKING is the purest form of therapy. (Heads up: forgive my theatrics- they stem from a passionate heart).


I have included my inspiration for New Light (and why I chose to call it this) in the published pattern. I think this will become an important aspect of all my future patterns as well. Creative journeys are weird. I don’t think any two are the same. I hope you love New Light and share it with the crafty people in your life. 


Until the full reveal, enjoy this sweet little New Light block:

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  • Linda

    Your mood board has an overall very romantic feeling. The colors are beautiful and your quilt block is gorgeous. Good luck with your launch.

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