Memory Quilts

Memory Quilts

The #1 question I receive here at CBQ:

Can you make a quilt out of my baby’s clothes?

It seems like the most natural thing in the world to combine quilts with the nostalgia of those favourite childhood sleepers and tops. My parents recently handed over some of my own childhood memorabilia and I was instantly overcome with a desire to repurpose this top into something for adult me!

So, the short answer to the above question is: YES. I have decided I would like to take this on because it is a fun creative challenge. If you are interested in this service, subscribe to our email list so you are the first to know when we open spots for this custom work. 

Knowing what goes into this type of project, I will only open a few spots. Right now I am in the process of creating an outline with 3 layout options depending on the number of clothing items you hope to include. As you may or may not know, I am a fan of hearts. Hearts are simply PERFECT when it comes to tiny clothing because I can fussy cut each half of the heart from two different items to make one block.

For example, look at how darling these are:

You can always tell which items are the most loved, because they arrive threadbare. Like these polka-dot leggings with worn out knees. Adorable.

Most of the requests I receive are for throw-sized quilts for older children and teens (especially as graduation gifts). 

Here is a memory quilt I completed that is being used as a bed cover:

Stay tuned for updates, especially closer to Spring.... wink wink....

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