Introducing the Sweetheart Plaid Quilt Pattern

Crafting Love: 

Hello fellow quilters! As I write this- the temperatures are a balmy zero degrees here on the Canadian prairies. It makes me want to take my lunch al fresco today! Spring is coming, and I am ready to get into my garden.... (reality states I still have a month to wait out the temperatures, but I like to start planning now...) 

Through the winter, I go into a hibernation mode, which is actually quite splendid for designing quilts. The process starts with little imaginary trips into my childhood. From here, the sketches come to life in the form of a quilt. There's a certain creative freedom that comes from weaving these memories into something tangible and comforting for others. I love how we can all follow a pattern, and still create something deeply personal and unique. I think this is why quilting is so therapeutic. 

Sometimes, I see a fabric collection that tugs on something inside me and won't let go. Enter the most beautifully nostalgic collection by Minki Kim.... BLOOMBERRY. These fabrics called out to a little sketch I had made last year, and the Sweetheart Plaid Quilt was born! I am so grateful for artists like Minki Kim for stirring up this kind of emotion and inspiring ideas that would not exist without them. Let me take you on a quilty tour!

*For the list of fabrics used in this pattern, scroll to the bottom*

Bring on the Whimsy:

The Sweetheart Plaid Quilt Pattern blends traditional heart blocks with floral sashing strips to create the illusion of that favourite old plaid shirt you wore as a kid (we all had one...) Sweetheart Plaid was designed to evoke warmth and tenderness, making it the perfect project for someone special in your life. Whether you're creating a quilt for a nursery, a wedding gift, or simply to add a touch of sweetness to your home decor, this pattern promises to inspire joy and affection with every stitch. 

Heart of the Design:

At the core of the Sweetheart Plaid Quilt Pattern are the heart blocks, which actually come together in a surprising way to make for easy assembly. The quilt is made up of two different full blocks and four different partial blocks to minimize waste. The pattern includes detailed instructions and diagrams to guide quilters of all skill levels through the process, ensuring a rewarding and enjoyable quilting experience.

The heart tops are adorable and require no curved piecing! Bonus!

 The Flying Geese Unit

Meet your heart bottoms! Sweet as anything. If you want to achieve the same look as the cover quilt, choose a background for Block #1 and Block #2 that will make your hearts stand out. I liked the idea of having a soft pink in Block #1 contrasted by a bolder navy and grey in Block #2.

The Hour Glass Unit

If you know me, you know I love a good hour glass block. Why? I love the technique for creating them because it is so satisfying when something LOOKS complicated, but is actually just two HST put together! This pattern has alternating blocks, so you will create two different hour glass units for Block #1 and Block #2.

Using the 8 at a time method, you will make two different combinations for each block using your chosen backgrounds. 


Block Assembly

Here is an overview of how your full blocks will come together. The only thing missing is the sashing. The blocks are actually constructed with the heart bottoms making up Block #1 and the heart tops making up Block #2. 

The Partial Blocks

Once your full blocks are done, it's time to put together the partial blocks that will make up the perimeter of the quilt. This pattern is set on point, so the partial blocks help fill in those edges.



The Corners
Two partial blocks and a sashing strip make a nice square corner. 

From here, you just need to build your rows with the partial blocks on the ends. 

I like to add the sashing strips as I go. 

Just follow the pattern diagram, to put it all together. It's a snap!

A Touch of Whimsy:

When I first laid eyes on Minki Kim's newest collection, BloomBerry, I flipped back to my first sketches and earliest version of Sweetheart Plaid. They were made for each other! BloomBerry is vibrant color and irresistible charm. From delicate strawberries to darling floral bouquets, every motif in this collection is thoughtfully curated to evoke the sweetness of summertime and the joy of sharing life's simple pleasures. And honestly, since I've started following Minki Kim, I have been so inspired by EVERYTHING she creates!

Endless Possibilities:

One of the most exciting aspects of quilting is the opportunity for creativity and personalization. With the Sweetheart Plaid Quilt Pattern, the possibilities are endless! Quilters can experiment with different color combinations to make each quilt truly one-of-a-kind. The design requires six different prints plus a background, two different sashing prints and binding.

BloomBerry prints used in the Cover Quilt:

A: Blush Flower Bed (Heart Background #1)

B: Gray Petite Flowers (Heart Background #2)

C: Pink Berry Sprouts (Inner Triangles Block #1)

D: Mint Dots (Inner Triangles Block #2)

E: Cream Main (Heart #1)

F: Midnight Main (Heart #2)

G: Cream Berry Sprouts (Background)

H: Midnight Main (Short Sashing Strips)

I: Blush Tiny Roses (Long Sashing Strips)

Typically I like to take my favourite print of a collection, and use it not just in my quilt top, but for the binding as well to really bring out its personality. My favourite print from BloomBerry is Blush Tiny Roses, so I chose to use it as one of the sashing prints and as the binding. Double Whammy! Fun fact: when I shared this was my fave of the collection, I learned it is also the designer's favourite!! 

In the world of quilting, where creativity and passion thrive, there's a special connection between the maker and the designer. If you love the prints in a collection, take a moment to share your appreciation with the designer. This simple act not only honors their vision but also inspires others in the quilting community. Together, we strengthen the bonds of creativity and make quilting an even more fulfilling experience for all who join us.

Candy Hearts Palette used in the pattern diagrams: *Confetti Cottons

A: Peaches n' Cream (Heart Background #1)

B: Songbird (Heart Background #2)

C: Grapefruit (Inner Triangles Block #1)

D: Rainforest (Inner Triangles Block #2)

E: Tea Rose (Heart #1)

F: Sunshine (Heart #2)

G: Vintage White (Background)

H: Superpink (Short Sashing Strips)

I: Marmalade (Long Sashing Strips)

Get Started Today:

The Sweetheart Plaid Quilt Pattern will is available now! Are you ready to bring a touch of sweetness into your home?? Or maybe your bestie's birthday is coming up! Whether you're quilting for yourself or someone special, this pattern promises to inspire joy, warmth, and countless memories for years to come. Round up your favourite fabrics and let the magic of quilting begin. I can't wait to see your version of Sweetheart Plaid!


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