I'm a Riley Blake Designs Influencer!

I have been putting crafty vibes out into the universe for some time now… and it’s weird when things start HAPPENING! I’m a nose-to-the-grindstone-type person, and can lose sight of all the baby steps that are piling up and slowly growing my handmade business. I was OVER THE MOON to learn I was among 20 makers selected GLOBALLY for the Riley Blake Designs 2024 Influencer Team!

What does this mean?

Right now, I’m not even sure…. but I’m excited! New things can feel overwhelming in the best ways. and I plan on diving in headfirst (is there any other way?) This seems to be my process. Hindsight is my best teacher right now, so I’ll pull a “classic me” move and learn on the fly- then reflect on all the things I “should” have done. Lately I have had a “life is too short to be normal” outlook, and it seems to be serving me well! So, stay tuned for a blog post about all my mistakes- that will be fun.

Riley Blake Designs is a fabric manufacturer located in Utah, USA, that is well known for its extensive collections of designer fabric. Meet all the talented makers from around the world who are joining me here.


Out of the TWENTY people selected globally, only TWO were CANADIAN. Aaaaand…. the other Canadian only lives one hour from me! Given the size of Canada, I find this to be an incredible twist of fate. You should definitely check her out because we have decided to become best friends.

This is Lesley! (Which is my last name… come on! Too many connections!) and her instagram handle is @quiltsbylesley. She just finished the most beautiful Bear Camp quilt by another Manitoban quilt pattern designer, Amanda of Prairie Quilt Co.

Manitobans stick together (insert heart emoji)

As an influencer, CBQ will receive ADVANCE yardage from collections that won't be released until next year! We have been given all the freedom to create whatever we want to create!! HELL-O! A dream come true! I'm really chuffed to share the creative behind-the-scenes process of turning pretty pieces of fabric into heirlooms. 

I won’t just be making quilts though! I have some bookish ideas and cheery little projects that will make perfect gifts. I keep sketching out ideas and changing my mind about what I want to make. I will be sharing my “sketch pad to finished product” process with you so you can see how many times I change my mind. It’s my prerogative, right! (Yes, this is how you spell prerogative. And yes, I agree, it does NOT look right...)

A glimpse into a creative mind is a vulnerable thing because creativity is the way we share our souls. And I really hope you like my soul. 

Sto lat everyone,

(My new Polish sign-off is a short form way of wishing you 100 wonderful years).


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  • Sally

    OMG! I know you are amazing, and still I am so impressed with everything you do. Congratulations and love always!

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