Designing the Spirits Bright Quilt


Traditions create a sense of nostalgia. At the first hint of winter, it’s time to pull out the cozy holiday quilt from storage. The luxe cuddle adds an additional layer of warmth for all your snuggly moments. Folded over the back of the couch, it adds a splash of colour against the dreary backdrop of winter (especially in Canada!)

This is what goes through my mind as I design a quilt. I know these heirlooms will become nostalgic pieces in your home, so everything has to have a certain vibe... from the fabric to the design. As an adult, when I look back on photographs of little me- I always notice the items in the background that were a part of my childhood scenery. Like my Baba’s green and gold afghan. It instantly brings me back to the way it felt against my skin. I can even remember the smell when I wore it like a cape the days I was sick and spent the day watching The Price is Right on Baba's couch.


This is what makes quilts so special. The fact that they will one day be passed down to comfort the next generation.


When I start dreaming of quilts, it often starts in my head while I walk my dogs. Eventually, I transfer the idea to graph paper. I love quilts that have an all-over design that radiate out from the middle. This is how Spirits Bright was born! It started with the concept of one star in the middle. The shape of the star allowed me to start playing with different patterns that could surround it. The beauty of working on a grid helps keep everything symmetrical, which is really great for my obsessive tendencies. 

Oftentimes I START with the fabric and design with IT in mind. This is what happened with Spirits Bright because I discovered the loveliest print at my favourite local quilt shop (shout out to FABRICULOUS!!) It was designed by Mia Charro of Free Spirit Fabrics. I love the whimsical foliage and warm messages (pictured below). I knew I didn’t want to cut this print up too small, so I decided to make two of the trees in strips as opposed to squares. 

Once it was all put together, something magical happened (and my favourite thing about quilting). Even though it has a “scrappy look” with many different prints (which historically is the essence of quilt-making)… the overall design appears modern in the boldness of its geometric design. Shawow! I was into it!

It has been a dream of mine to design quilt patterns, and now here I am. It feels quite nice. I plan to start publishing my favourites very soon:)


Stolat everyone,


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